Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Tea Garden - Playfull


First photo session (Tea Garden), abe was so hard to gave all out the ekspression but dyas so easy to give her best smile, he's so hard like a statue, he keep asking us "how do i should smile? where i should turn my head? where should i look? should i smile or should i act cool. hahaha. Its quite hard situation and the sun shine overbright that day..we have to climb over more less half km to the place where the photo taken.

But in the afternoon, when the skies goes cloudy, Second photo session (Sugar Park - Playground), Abe totally change, so easy to give his best smile and ekspression, instead, he the one who told us how we should take his picture with dyas. dyas just get shock also happy, and we all laugh at the rest of the day..then the rain falls down..its all fun guys..thank you so much!!..hope you will get married soon.. dont forget to call us for your pre wedd picture.. :D ..

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Detective in love ( Isa - Danty )

Wardrobe : Zeecvintage

Maretta Danty Bons Bonsaii
Zeec Floral Motive Top , ZeecLabel ,idr. 120.000,-  
Zeec Brown Skirt , ZeecLabel, idr. 120.000,- ,  
Zeec Abstract Keopard Top , ZeecLabel ,idr. 120.000,-  
Zeec Brown Silky Pants, ZeecLabel, idr. 170.000,- , 

Isa Panic Monsta
Zeec Grey Little Square Long Shirt , ZeecLabel , idr.140.000,-
Zeec Brown Retro Blazer , ZeecLabel , idr.180.000,-
Shoes : Bakti Eksklusif
-price by request-